About Me

In my work I seek to support clients by creating a space that is led by them. I work to a person-centred model; this means that I value your experience, and wish to create an environment in which you can feel valued, understood and heard. I believe that counselling can help individuals find solutions, self-understanding, meaning and a way forward that belongs to them.

I currently work at Colleges and Universities in South Yorkshire and commonly work with individuals from a range of ages, backgrounds and identities as well as working in private practice.

I see my role as empowering you to discover your strengths, to find a space to heal and to have the opportunity to explore what is meaningful to you.

I absolutely love my work as a counsellor and am committed to meeting my clients with respect and warmth. I am not a judgemental person and see my role as a counsellor as a privilege to be able to support another human being with their personal growth and development.